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"Social media meets development!"



Ihr Konferenz-Team


New media and modern technologies are changing the way we live, learn and work. They are revolutionizing our means of communication. They are changing how we acquire knowledge, how we organize and how we educate ourselves. They are changing what we know. In the university field, social media can contribute to communication with target groups and partners in the construction of networks. They offer forums for professional discussions and the exchange of knowledge. But they can also form productive bridges between science and its application.

In the age of globalization, net-supported media such as online forums, blogs and social networks present the educational sector with a major opportunity. University education in developing countries can be improved with new and original online solutions and the integration of social media in multifaceted ways.

The question invariably relevant to collaboration in university development - what must be learned or researched internationally and what locally - comes into sharper focus at a time of worldwide access to increasingly high-value knowledge content. Our tools for better university educations in the cooperating countries must be geared to these new conditions: What must a developmentally effective university education look like today? Where can new media increase access, lower costs, boost quality, or deepen relevance? What do they signify for the effect of our own instruments?

The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) will address these questions on November 14 and 15 in Bonn, together with experts in developmental cooperation as well as high-profile actors in social media and digital business.

In the BMZ's idea workshop, experts in developing university educations meet members of online think-tanks, unconventional bloggers, junior professors of social media, committed instructors and staff at German universities, Internet entrepreneurs and managers of global digital firms. We want to collectively try to identify innovative solutions on how social media can improve a university education and the sciences in developing and newly industrialized countries.